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How does it work?

 How does it work?

Transfer Samsun 

is a service which Ekvator Sevis Tour Travel Services provides online

chauffeur-driven vip vehicle transfer services via With from any location on Turkey, you can perform any reservation

 to another location with private chauffeured transportation vehicles vibe.

With the help of the Google maps library, you can perform a location search on the map, 
and you can get the service you want for the exact point you want by continuing the markers on the map.

Through our site you can create faster bookings without searching between pre-defined transfer services and certain points.

There are predefined transfers to our cities such as 
 City Center Samsun ,  Samsun Airport, Ordu Airport, Merzifon Airport, Trabzon, Giresun, Sinop, Amasya, Çorum, Tokat and Ankara.

ne kan transferler 

HOW DOES IT WORK You booked to perform on your car possible in two ways:

 by calling out the location of the map of Turkey with booking search form or using pre-defined reservations made for you Search by transfer via map to booking form: 

By clicking on the site's main page main menu located transfer link or by clicking on the Transfer button under the slide, you can reach a private chauffeured transfer search form we have prepared for vip vehicle shuttle services and the turkey map. 

Transfer arama formu ve google harita

Map and transfer search form, automatic search suggestions When you open the form and map, type the location you want to search for in the Where and Where form fields to search for Start and Destination. When writing the location, the form will help you to find the location you are looking for with automatic propositions. If the exact location is not available,
you can select the nearest location. For example, if you want to reach a certain point in the center of Samsun, it is enough to choose only Samsun. This is because you can move the markers on the map as desired.

When you select start and destination, these points will be marked on the map and a route will be created automatically between these points.
Transfer rotas

Transfer route created on the map After this step, you can zoom (zoom in and out) on the map with the + and - buttons in the lower right corner of the map. You can specify the starting point by fully zooming in
 by dragging and dragging the pointer you have selected.
 Thus, you can complete the transfer from your home door and finish at the exact location.

Zoom ve srekleme

Filling transfer form form fields Once you have filled in the required fields, press the Search button and the Transfer summary information:
 start and destination, dates, passenger information and distance of your route and estimated time will be presented

transfer zet ekran

Transfer summary screen and tool selection

Under Transfer Summary, you will see a list of available vehicles for your transfer. 
You have to click on the SELECT button to make a reservation for the vehicle you want

transfer ara seimi
Transfer summary after vehicle selection
When you make a selection, you will be provided with a description and price information about your transfer and you will be directed to the booking 
form for contact information by clicking on Make Reservation button in this section.

A summary of your transfer information is also available at the top of the booking form. 
In this section, there is an area where you can add notes to your transfer. Fill out the Contact Information, Billing Information and Payment options fields on the form, 
and complete your transaction with the BOOK UP button
transfer rezervasyon formu

Transfer booking form

If you are a member of our site, the fields on the form will be withdrawn from your membership information if you are a member. Thus,
 you will get rid of the trouble of filling the form again in every booking. You will also be able to follow up the reservations you have made.
 Therefore, we recommend that you subscribe to our site.

Our customer representatives will contact you and provide your booking confirmation as soon as possible regarding your reservation

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Search locations for pickup and dropoff points on the form. You can move pointers on the map to find the exact place you are looking for.